Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The art of getting excited.

Is it just me or are we all looking forward to autumn now? No, I haven't been on proper summery holiday yet (brace yourself Barcelona). Yes, I do have a slight tan which i regularly top up sitting in my back garden/running/playing tennis (you can tell what I've been up to by the shape of 'the white bits'). No, I haven't had enough cherries, strawberries and watermelon yet. I normally tend to eat so much of them it only makes sense that they are not available during the winter time. Yes, I have already started thinking about what I'm going to wear this A/W season.

British Vogue revealed today that Victoria Beckham (my all time guru) is being fettered on the cover of the August issue. Wow. How brilliant! I mean, isn't she just what fashion is about? As much as I look forward to seeing my always happy postman (the man wears shorts 365 days a year) so that I can spend hours feeding my eyes with shots of Victoria, I am also counting down the minutes to flick through... the adverts.

Say what you like, but I love the art of advertising fashion. When the new season comes along I get as excited about the content of the magazine itself as I do about the art of revealing whether it will be socially acceptable to wear black leather with tan leather. Whether Anja Rubik will rock khaki green jumpers. Whether Joan Small will pull of winter version of colour blocking. Whether Cara Delavigne will yet again take us to the magic world of Mulberry handbags.

One may say that getting excited is childish. Nothing like it. Being able to say that you're passionate about something, be it football, fashion or porcelain figurines, is not as common as we think. Let's all stand up and say to ourselves: do it with passion or don't do it at all! Let's all get excited. I don't know how Victoria could stay quiet about her next Vogue cover for so long...

images stolen form the Internet