Saturday, 29 June 2013

New in. Sales.

Whoop whoop the sales are on! This year I wanted to be wiser and wait for further reductions but as I saw stocks melt I figured out that there's no time to be wise at all! Better impatient than sorry - as I say. Even though my lack of patience (inherited, I think) usually gets me into trouble, this time it worked for my benefit. I managed to grab a few pretty cute tops off the hangers. 

Black and white are my all time favourites. I went for a 'casual' sweatshirt with a twist and a simple, minimalistic white top with sheer 'sleeves'. Two completely different pieces but I'm rather excited about wearing them both!

This off-white lace top has been on my mind since Easter. Too good to resist. I started panicking when it disappeared from the website, but luckily found it in my local Zara. Cannot wait to pair it up with some light blue jeans. Also, to break free from the blacks and whites, I chose a green scarf print shirt. Now that is a piece I never thought I would go for! It peeked at me when I was queueing. Right time, right place mr scarf print shirt!

Mint green white and silver.

I do happen to wear a lot of silver for a 'gold kind of girl'. Could not resist getting that pair of shoes and I have to say that I haven't regretted it for a fraction of a second. Not that I regret buying any shoes really... They do start to pour out of my wardrobe though! I guess it's time to put some stuff on eBay. Do you also hate saying goodbye to your clothes? Every time I sell or give something away I kind of think about the good time I had wearing it. It's harder that way... But nobody said it would be easy! The  last time I had to throw a pair of heels away I nearly cried... I went to my best first date ever in them 4 years ago. Even though I haven't worn them for 3 years it was hard to say good-bye.

Going back to the outfit. Still in love with the mint green jeans. I love wearing them with crisp white as well. Do you like it?

Photos by PJ

top, shoes, clutch - Zara
jeans - H&M

Friday, 28 June 2013

Instaweek #15

 on repeat / waiting for my flight to Warsaw

picked up from the station with a bouquet of birthday flowers / reading now

rainy days / best ice-cream ever 

good morning Warsaw / my birthday present form Alicja 

 dzien dobry = good morning coat hanger / grilled trout mmm...

 feeling inspired / my dad, my bro and I saying good-byes

 the most thoughtful birthday gift from bro and his wifey / curly hair

 6 am rainbow / back to the UK

homemade mojito / cherry macchiato  

 the cutest baby ever = my niece / found one with my name on it!

 great camera straps / tata = dad

 Warsaw main station / breakfast with A&M

can we stop the world right now? / sweating it at the gym

Another couple of weeks though 'Instagram lens'. June is my favourite month of the year. Not only because it's my birthday in June (although mostly...) but it's usually the month when it gets a bit warmer, school finishes, holiday starts, etc. I normally get to get away for a week in June as well and I always try to make the most of it. I popped down to Warsaw to see my family (missing them lots!) and to Bydgoszcz to see Alicja and Maciej. It was a happy time. The best. Back in the rainy UK now... I tried to fit summer into my hand luggage but it seems that I haven't done a very good job...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My bike and I.

I know that I've been rambling on and on about getting my own bike but you have to realise that it wasn't so simple. It wasn't a matter of swiping a credit card through a magic machine and putting it in your boot. This bike has gone a long way from looking sad and miserable to looking happy and pretty. For the last two months Alicja has been loosing sleep over making it the best bike on the planet and, I can say with great confidence, she made it! It cost her a lot of thought, patience, blood and sweat (literally) so I couldn't be more greateful. It is the best birthday present ever! I hope you guys like it as well. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't merciful lately so we had to do a little photoshoot in our friends' shop. Thanks people of Landschaft for letting us move your furniture around!

Happy birthday to me! No I wish for sunshine to get on with riding that little beast. Everyone, meet Velo. Velo, this is everyone! Tonight we're jumping on a plane and getting back to the UK.

Photos by Alicja