Sunday, 8 January 2017

Not-a-love story to fall in love with

Being a helpless romantic (at peak of my helpless romanticism) I could not help but attend the preview of a rather loud production featuring the most desired Canadian blond man (sorry Justin), Ryan Gosling himself. Of course I am talking about La La Land. Quite selfishly, I purchased one ticket. First, I wanted to have this sequence of beautiful scenes peppered with music all to myself. Second, I felt it may be way too intimate to share. Rightly so as I sobbed shamefully for the duration of the last song (to unhidden disguist of the man sat next to me who was in tears as he reached the bottom oh his red wine glass).

If you have not made any resolutions for 2017, I suggest you make an unaccompanied trip to the cinema. Yes, you might receive an odd look from the couple behind you. Resolution number two in such case would be to practice ignoring what other people think. It's deeply inrrelevant. Forget yourself, dream, soak the beautiful colours and sound in! Imagine yourself tap dancing with Ryan Gosling whilst looking at a sunrise over LA. Why? Because you can!

Thank you, Damien Chazelle for picturing this love story stripped of a happy end in such a unique manner. However, your illustration of 'what if' is truly frightening! It is rather disturbing how different your future could be if you made one different choice five years back. If you chose to love yourself a bit more. If you had half of the faith in you that other people had. If you loved jazz enough. And old movies where women were true heroines. Dear Damien, you throw that 'what if' in our open-mouthed faces without a warning. If it wasn't for Emma and Ryan's comforting exchange of smiles at the end, I think I would have given up on the whole idea of trying!

Following my intimate trip to the cinema, I immediately found comfort in the wonder of modern technology or just the reality of everyday life (depends on your age) - Apple Music. With a few taps of my fingers I effortlessly managed to stay in La La Land. On my 15-minute walk home I ended up tap dancing (in a rather poor manner) on every red light. La La Land has welcomed me with open arms. And that's where I am intending to stay for the foreseeable future. DND.