Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Stripes and nude.

There are days when you wake up and you know it's going to be a good day. Today is one of them. I had colourful breakfast, now it's time to jump in the shower, grab the camera and go explore. Tuesday? Is that you? Hello Tuesday. Let's see what you bring! I'm working on a little project with my friend Alicja so let's hope we'll find what we were looking for today here!

Photos by PJ

jeans - Topshop
the rest - Zara

Monday, 29 April 2013

Mad about the girl.

Blogging changed the fashion industry. Whether big sceptical names in the industry like it or not. Suzy Menkes may disagree but she has been proven wrong by so many big names that have even bigger people behind them. On Saturday I had the please of listening to Sussie Lau, Anna Dello Russo and Garance Dore talk about what blogging means to them. They were one of the first names on that new phenomenon’s scene.

Susie started publishing her personal style when she worked in advertising. Style Bubble evolved from her snaping what she was wearing in her everyday life. The idea at the beginning seemed insane. Why would you photograph yourself? Who do you think you are? It was novel. It stepped away form big designer names and unhealthy looking models. It focus the ‘the girl’. She could be anyone. She could be you or you. It was something that people could relate to. Something that anyone with a camera and Internet access could do. No strings attached.

Susie pointed out that it was a bit of selfishness that created her blog. She wanted to write what she wanted to write about. Her timing couldn’t be better. The idea of a blog was just a twinkle in fashion industry’s eye. She figured out that fashion is something to be worn. Not just objectified. It all became an emotional experience.

When in 2006 Scott Schulman (better known as the Satorialist) started taking photos of her at different shows she was surprised to hear that he was going to put them on his blog. ‘Blog?’ she asked doubtfully in her most Italian accent possible. The word itself seemed to sound slightly repelling. But there she is. Blogging herself and how successful she has become at that? She calls the blogging phenomenon ‘a breath of fresh air’. Over the two decades that she has been in fashion for she experienced the coldness of the industry. The cold statue approach has been there for years so the crazy idea of running a blog seemed more comfortable.

Anna may come across as a diva. But she’s nothing like it. She just strolled around the Southbank Centre covered top to toe in YSL. ‘I invite everyone to my home’ she says with a sincere smile on her face. She’s just one of these people you want to be friends with and her Italian accent couldn’t be more heart-warming. She creates that positive aura around herself. She makes everyone laugh with her honesty, gestures and a huge smile that never goes away. She says that she was born with the obsession to buy clothes. When asked why she wears whole outfits by one designer she replied that people behind the brand spend 6 months of their lives creating the look so we should just enjoy it. When you put clothes on you should be able to say ‘oh bella’ and feel great.

Garance’s blog started as a personal diary. She snaps women dressed the way she would like to dress. ‘I want to be this girl’ is the thought that makes her capture someone. Not just an outfit. The whole person. She tries to make people beautiful in her photos. Garance would never publish an unflattering picture of anyone. She was interested in real girls, not models, in the microtrends that happen in the street rather than on the catwalk. The fashion industry has to adjust to this thought. Most designers create their moodboards filled with streetstyle and other inspirations when working on a collection. As a Parisian living in New York she has experienced the difference in how people dress in these two cities. In Paris women are more aware of their shape and usually go for what bring them some kind of comfort. For example, if they look good in a certain pair of jeans, they will keep on buying that same cut. In New York people experiment, play with fashion. And there’s also different styles in different neighbourhoods. Garance said that she struggles to find inspiration at fashion shows. She seeks for it on the street, where fashion is happening.

All these amazing women come from different parts of the world but they have one thing in common. They keep on being authentic. They still do what got people to read their blogs in the first place. Susie Lau pointed out that trying too much can lead you off track. Anna called blogging ‘the revenge of the invisible people’. She also said that getting dressed for her is a job. And even though it’s hard to imagine her dressed down, she admitted to wearing Abercrombie pants when doing yoga. If she can keep it real despite having two apartments – one for her and one for her clothes – so should we. 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Snapshots from Vogue Festival Day 1

Vogue Festival day one. It's hard to describe it all in words. The atmosphere was inspiring. Fashion was simply pouring out of London's Southbank Centre. It was everywhere. Even of the muffins (how come anything containing carbs was allowed in the building?! Security!). Dior had their stand and worked their magic to give us the perfect smoky eye. YSL was treating the ladies to big bold bright lips (you gotta love the two tone lip btw). here was also a special braid bar - tens of skilled fingers were plaiting hundreds of different hairstyles. It kind of looked weird that 90% of the crowd had similar hairstyles...

It was great to drink the coffee next to Susie Lau or squeeze pass the crowds bumping into Anna Dello Russo (she should be a stand up comedian). On day one I went to the chat about the bloggers. How, what, where and when of the blogging world. I'll try and tell you more about it tomorrow.

Now I'm about to finish packing my suitcase. Berlin, here we come. Have you ever booked a 6 o'clock in the morning flight before? No? Well done you! It's a stupid idea to do so. But hey, at least I'll be able to try one of the famous Berlin brunches on a Monday morning. Look out for more Vogue Festival posts this week! I hope your weekend was as good (maybe less tiring) as mine!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Off to Vogue Festival.

It's 27 April which means that I'm off to Vogue Festival! Couldn't be more excited! It's my first time and I hope it won't disappoint... You'll have to excuse me my absence here over the weekend but you can see some updates by following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I am sure I will have a few pictures to post and stories to tell.

Today I'm going to see Anna Della Russo, Susie Bubble and Emily Sheffield talk about blogging, glamour and all things nice. Tomorrow, it will be Victoria Beckham, Anya Hindmarch, Christopher Kane, Tamara Mellon and Jonathan Akeroyd talking about creating their brands. They are people that I've read books about and followed for years now. Big names, huge excitement. Are you going as well? I might see you there! I promise to post about it next week. I will be away in Berlin, but I will make sure that I share my Vogue experience with you! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Friday, 26 April 2013

New in. White brogues.

After weeks (ok, hours, maybe minutes) of searching I've found them. The perfect white brogues. The ones that go with everything. The ones that you can dress up or dress down. They are both casual and smart. How many shoes are like that? We tend to wear either heels (smart) or trainers (casual/new smart). And brogues sit kind of in between. They also have another extremely important purpose to fulfil in this world. They are the emergency shoes.

What are emergency shoes? First of all, shoes that go with anything. Second, shoes that do not give you blisters. Third, shoes that are flat but smart. A great rescue for tired, sore, full of blisters feet. Feet that need a pedi or feet that do not fancy being trapped in strappy sandals for 8 hours. Dear white brogues, welcome to my wardrobe! I'm looking forward to all the good times we're going to have together!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A sweatdress story.

Photos by PJ

I seriously cannot stop wearing my bling'a'ling golden chain necklace! Soooo glad I've found it. I also caught myself going for more casual clothes lately. Is it because I'm mentally preparing for holiday mode? Maybe it's because, as I mentioned before, what used to be casual doesn't necessarily have to be so nowadays. As Jess Cartner-Morley (yes, the fashion editor of The Guardian) guides us through the fashion jungle every Saturday, I do watch her videos and listen to what she has to say. She pointed out that the status of a sweatshirt has changed. It is not just casual anymore. You can watch it here. I think that all sports related items are creeping in slowly... Look at the New Balance sneakers revolution! They are worn with suits and party dresses. Who would've thought... Hence, I feel great in a sweatshirt-like dress and a pair of heels. Comfort is probably the last criterium as far my choosing an outfit is concerned by me. But does it feel great to be comfortable in clothes or what?

dress - Topshop
heels, bag - Zara

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Man Repelling.

Well, well... Looks like man repelling is going back to basics and being published on actual paper! That is such great news! I think anyone who is Leandra's fan will be more than excited to find out that she has written a book. What do I expect from it? Humour, sarcasm, positivity and lots of pop culture references. Maybe a few words about fashion in between. It is funny how man repelling got Leandra into marrying the love of her life, isn't it? Unfortunately, the release date is 10th September so we still have a few months to wait before we find out what she means by overalls...

You can pre-order your copy on amazon here

If you don't know Leandra (shame on you) you can get to know her better here

Roll on September!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Instaweek #10

camale rules! / my courier loves putting a smile on my face

say hello to my brand new niece Anna / tomato couscous? mmm... 

sweatshirts and skirts rule / adding some colour and bling to my warrobe 

white brogues? / got my hi-vis on and I'm feelin hella cool tonight yeah

a late night run / on repeat in my ears

more home hairdressing / light denim and shades kind of day

who doesn't love the fruit salad pot? / in love with that little denim dress 

sweatdress? why not! / can I wear that crop top at the gym? 

business card factory /  all black with a hint or coral

neon and stripes / yes, I'm a bloke coke addict 

@hattbox works wonders with my hair / in black and white

congrats to my housemate Jo! / preparing a haircare post

prosciutto ham and olives mmm... / morning run by the marina

that Friday morning feeling / light denim and black ootd 

greek salad! / and pesto and olives toast to go with it

peanut butter Ben and Jerry's and Ryan Gosling at the same time? heaven / food and friends 

I should actually call this post InstaFortnight. Now that I look at all these photos I came to the conclusion that I must be pretty active on the good old Instagram... To sum up the last two extremely eventful weeks I would like to welcome my brand new little niece to this world. Her name is Anna and today she is 13 days old. Second, I would like to welcome a new driver to the windy roads - my housemate Jo. Congratulations! I also managed to do some good shopping, eat good food, run nearly 80km and see a good film. But I'm ever so excited about the week to come! If you follow me on Instagram you can expect some pics from Vogue Festival, Once Musical and Berlin #goodtimesaretocome