Saturday, 17 March 2018

The train of thought or what I thought on the train back from Zurich

I am certainly a city girl. The clicking noise of glasses ona tray, the sound of pulling chairs away form the tables and the whispers of zipping up handbags and purses - this is my world. The warm tone of artificial lighting is making the crystal trapped in my 'work pen' sparkle more than ever as I draft this post. Since living in the middle of nowhere (in fact in between Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Austria but very far from glamour despite working for the most glamourous company ever) I have missed spending money on things that feed me more than food. A cup of passionately crafted coffee served on a little tray with a sweet treat, the lightly perfumed paper that my new dress is wrapped in before landing in a bag, a piece of paper acting as a train ticket between Sevelen and Zurich - these object made my blood pump vigorously in my veins again. I made to to another world today. I do come from a small town. I would even dare to say that my blood comes from a tiny village in the forgotten part of eastern Poland. However, I am truly a creation of a city life even though I never lived directly in a big city. Is it possible? Am I just imagining that part of my personality that often that I actually became a big city girl (watching too much of SATC, clearly...)? As nevernotdreaming maybe I have become what I imagined I will. The world I imagine myself in is different every day. Possibly, this is the result of the fact that I am different every day. I want to change, I want to explore myself every day. I want to enjoy meeting the new me every time. Just like i am enjoying this cup of coffee with a slice of a Swiss chocolate masterpiece. They did not only feed my body but more so my soul. Together with the noise of the most popular cafe in Zurich they made a great meal. The coffee machine makes a familiar noise, the clinking cutlery is resembling a welcoming melody and a Swiss gentleman opposite me is sighing when struggling with his crosswords. I feel contempt now.