Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Blurred lines.

photo via Vogue UK

Yes, the lines are getting blurry indeed. Everywhere I look (or listen) there's either Cara or Pharrell! I mean, you're great guys. But can you please stop being so fabulous? Can you stop being the two hottest names (and bodies) in all the glossies right now? To my (mere) surprise I opened September Vogue just to see Cara and Pharell again. But this time- together. I mean... Is it just me or do you want to ask THE question as well.. Ok, I'll write it out loud. Did you get lucky, Pharrell?

Hanging out on rooftops for Fendi, strolling along the Fifth Avenue looking so DKNY, keeping the mystery of Mulberry, walking a bulldog in Pepe Jeans and posing with sizzling hot music producer must keep Cara pretty busy. Do you sleep at all? Or did you stay up all night to...?

Pharrell Williams seems to be getting lucky with everything he does. As a music producer he came back to the chart with a huge splash making us all move our hips to some retro sounds with modern lyrics. And he still looks like a 20-something-year-old! I have to admit that Pharell has been my men style icon for years. Let's face it, who else would look fantastic in a silver shiny (probably swishy) tracksuit? I bet most of us wouldn't mind at all if he tried I domesticate us, if you know what I mean...

P.S. Thank you Zara for making a cheaper version of a night slip dress for us!

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