Friday, 2 August 2013

Run Zara!

Of course I am biased. This brand has been close to my heart for ages. It was a great honour to appear on their website in People! and I still take great pleasure in visiting their stores. Especially the London ones. Every new season I kind of look forward to see what they are going to have in stock for us. Last week I popped in there for a short shopping session and was eagerly asking the staff 'When is the new stuff coming in? That sale is getting boring now...'. And here it is. Beautiful as ever!

I am kind of looking forward to winter again. It looks like I'll be wearing a lot of black, grey and navy. Must get some more navy items! I am also going to experiment with the delicate lace finish dresses they crafted so beautifully. Also, simple cut jackets, stone white and that black double-breasted matching suit! Oh, roll on autumn! What are you favourite trends for A/W?

P.S. Check out the video featuring this campaign as well. Just makes you run around London on a cloudy day!

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