Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Film. Mademoiselle C.

After I left the cinema I subconsciously started speaking with a French accent! That is exactly how influential Carine is! She is like a virus that takes your body and mind over and doesn't let you think straight. Not in simple terms anyway. She is a lady that wants more, that is not afraid to face her enemies and stays as down to earth as possible. She is a nan, global director for Harper's Bazaar, she runs her own magazine and various other projects whilst talking to her children every day.

This documentary pictures the fashion world from the other side of the lens. We are used to receiving the product and not always think about how many people were involved in taking one photograph. We tend to think that huge fashion people do not wear the same clothes twice and that they are unable to commit to their family. It is possible. Even if your best buddy is Karl Lagerfeld!

If you're even slightly into fashion it's a must watch. There's nor many documentaries like that about at the moment so every single one makes my heart jump. They put everything into perspective. A French one in this case...

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