Thursday, 7 November 2013

An alternative tree.

I have to admit that recently I've swapped Zara for B&Q, Topshop for Homebase and H&M for Wilkinson. Making you home a pretty place turned out to be rather absorbing and awfully time-consuming. For someone whose biggest worry used to be whether to wear high heels or higher heels, all that DIY (by Y I mean 'call you male friend and invite him over for a beer and tell him to bring a drill with him just in case') is a task and a half. So far I have mastered using silicone, expanding foam, saw, hammer, gap filler, plaster filler, various paintbrushes, rollers and sandpaper for different surfaces and, of course, assembling Ikea furniture. Blindfolded. Now that Christmas is creeping up on us I have to ask myself and incredibly important question: what do I want my very first own Christmas tree to look like?

Clearly, I wasn't born on a desert island and celebrated Christmas with family and friends before, but this time it's different. I am throwing a Christmas dinner an MY PLACE and need to actually buy and decorate a tree. As all kinds of DIY shop are visited by me rather frequently, I realise that they also stock little, sad, naked-looking green/white trees of all sizes and sorts. I haven't developed any sort of bond with any of them so far so I've decided to waste more hours of my life (by this I mean not do what I need to do and feed my soul with beauty) on Pinterest and seek an alternative that would make me feel attached to a piece of 'wood' decorated with love and care. And here are the results!

I am mesmerised. All these 'alternative' trees look simply amazing and make me want to go to the woods and carry an axe around (if you hear about it on the news it means that I've been arrested). The search for the prefect tree has officially begun. Are you with me? What kind of look are you going for? Let's not have the same decorations hang in our living rooms for the 15th time! Silver and blue is sooooo 90's- remember?

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