Friday, 8 November 2013

Instaweek #19

breakfast with Kate / my first jumpsuit ever

autumn toe nails / first Christmas decorations 

getting into the world of man repelling / new nails, new jeans, 'new' size 

Danish and Swedish Elle / dogtooth rules

 healthy lunch / rainy evening 

coffee / new shoes <3 i="">

in my bedroom / new toy 

a rather Italian evening with P. / post-workout goodness

burger madness with D. / down my street

the new gentlewoman / the prefect vanity mirror and NY by me

Friday kiss selfie / a date with Woody Allen

friends over for dinner / treats time 

in love with nude nails / gals on the beer watching footie

being horizontal for more than a week sucks / how vain of me 

wall art in my living room / my private gym - my bedroom

fabulous lamps at a local pub / fresh roses Friday  

The Exorcist at Halloween / did I?

driving home when it's dark already sucks / breakfast of champs

fajitas night / Tinie Tempah crush at the hairdressers

It's been a while since I've done an Insta post! A lot has happened. As always, there's been some fabulous friends and food involved. A night out, a few trips to the pictures and a few drinks at the local pub. I'm also constantly trying to make my home look prettier and cosier...

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