Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lost & Found

It happened somewhere between watching SATC religiously again (in search for answers) and flicking though Elle UK without being able to focus on anything whatsoever (what have you done to Elle, Ms Candy?). I got a bit lost. As everyone does. Then last week I flicked through the latest issue of Spanish Vogue on a plane journey and I realised that I miss you guys. I miss this. I miss fashion. Even though it's all around me, it got pushed away slightly. But it's time to come back to it. Slowly, I'm going to take small steps forward. I came to a point my life again, where I cannot wait to write about kitten heels and sequinned skirts.

As nothing in this world stands still, I think my approach to blogging might've changed slightly too. Apart from fashion, I will comment on everyday life too. I'll try. In the last few months I have experienced completely new feelings, new problems, new joys. I have done a lot of thinking and been into a lot of places. Not only literally.

A few things have also changed. Remember my post I wish I was blond? Well, as I decided to start living the life I imagined, I am on my way there. Quite a change, but I'm doing it gradually. I'm dealing with it like with quite a few changes in my life. Step by step. But I'm glad one of these steps made me come back here. I missed you guys.

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