Sunday, 2 February 2014

What if I never watched SATC?

It's been years. Our relationship is longer than with any man I ever had. I think we were introduced when I was in my teens. Obviously, my mother did not approve of me watching it hence putting the telly on mute and listening to the sound from the living room where she was watching it whilst I was pretending to be asleep. That's how far I would go to listen about fashion, sex and relationships. I have been watching it religiously ever since.

It was with me when I was revising for my A-levels. Still, secretly. It has filled my time when I was writing my BA dissertation and throughout the MA ones as well. It has been my cure to get over any heart break, slight disappointment or a bad date. Why am I referring to it as 'IT', though? It's them. Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. I have recently been asked which one of the four I was. Really? Can I identify myself with just one? Put a label on myself and act to it?

I think every girls is a mixture of all of them. In her very own special way. The last few long conversations about dating, life and dreams in general were always ending in comparing our lives to what happened in SATC. Sad? Yes. But what if we never watched it?

I couldn't help but wonder... (cheesy, I know) Would my perception of life be different? I'm not trying to say that I am confusing a tv show with reality on a daily basis... But would my approach to one night stands and coatroom sex be any different? How would I know about Choos and Manolos? How would I know that in an extremely important situation one should swear on Chanel? How would I know that other women also hear 'so it's just you?' when they buy properties? Would I still end up having my very own Mr Big?

When it comes to relationships. How do we know when enough is enough? Is it when you can guess what the other party is going to say? Is it when you know what they were going to do in 5 minutes? Is it when you laugh because you know what joke is about to be said? I think this is exactly when you can tell that a relationship is better than ever. It's not about the predictability or comfort. It's about happily every after. And I'm sure that many of us and SATC have already started living our happy futures together. The kind of future where you cannot imagine your life without it. And I'm not ashamed of doing so.

P.S. What is your favourite SATC moment?

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