Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The perfect black lace bra.

Finally got it! And it was a bargain too! The black bra / bralette craze has been going on for a while. Margaret Zhang and other bloggers have been on the quest to find the perfect one for moths now. I have to admit that I was somehow reluctant to begin with as I'm not really into black underwear...

But this time it was different. I could not help but wonder what it would look like on me. And, as I suspected, it looks just perfect! It is by Lovaine - a young and fabulous young British shop owner who I have been following on Instagram for a while. If you're into beautiful jewellery you should check her out as well! (this post is not sponsored by her and it was not a gift. I simply love her designs!)

I shop in big high street chains most of the time. But little pieces from local(ish) designers are what does it for me. They usually are intimates that I do not share on my blog... But this time I made an exception. Have you got your yet? Roll on summer! I want to wear it under an oversized t-shirt showing off just the edges of my perfect black lace bralette ;) 

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