Friday, 6 September 2013


Today I'm wearing another top that I've forgotten about. I keep on finding them and I'm not complaining at all! This cute nude top with feathers has been underestimated by me for a year or so. But we kind of managed to get the sparkle back. Hope you like it too!

Any plans for the weekend? I seriously cannot resist the temptation of Zara's new collection... I'm not sure if I can take it any longer. Might nip out for a little shopping trip.... Apart from that, turning house to home is still in progress. Have a great weekend everyone! I'm looking forward to catching up on NYFW on my sofa!

Photos by PJ

top - Mango
jeans, bag - Topshop
sandals - Zara

1 comment:

  1. najlepsze zdjęcia jak do tej pory! na tych schodach są zwyczajnie sztos 2,3,4,5 od góry extra. pjona dla PJ-a, Ty jak zwykle piękna! świetne razy tryliard:*