Sunday, 28 December 2014

Magic over.

The most unbelievable thought of this evening is the fact that the world will go back to normal tomorrow. I beg to disagree. That cannot just happen. It's not about going back to work. Not at all. I am one of the few lucky people that actually likes her job. It's just that from tomorrow morning the magic will disappear. For another year. The days will start getting longer (not that I'm moaning or anything) and the clothes will be getting thinner (hopefully, so will my body). We will all go back to eating breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Women will wear bras for 16h a day and men will go back to drinking standard whisky on a night out.

How lovely was it to have lunch for breakfast? A slice of cold turkey with cranberry sauce never tasted better between two slices of spelt bread. Having salted caramel cheesecake for lunch was even more magical indeed. This year I have also taken on a challenge of cooking Christmas dinner for 10 of my super hungry friends whose families are far away from where we live and I have succeeded (to be honest I watched Mary Berry do it - how much more British can I possibly become?). A little moment of happiness accompanied by laughter, gossip, almond brussels and sticky carrots glazed in maple syrup (yes, Mary, I added my own twist).

The night before I celebrated Christmas Eve in traditional Polish style - all 12 courses of pescetarian dinner. It took us good 2,5h to march trough it snacking on anything consisting of sauerkraut, mushrooms, fish and wash it down with beetroot soup. You can only imagine the relief when it's over and there's only cake left that you struggle to get in but still refuse to opt for a doggy bag. The best thing about being Polish over Christmas is the fact that we get to open our meticulously wrapped gifts approximately 12h before the rest of the world - on Christmas Eve after dinner. How awesome is that? For some reason it felt like cheating to unwrap pressies form my British friends so this year I saved it for the Christmas morning just to keep the excitement in my veins for a bit longer.

But the best thing about the festive period is the fact that you can feel like you're on top of the world. Not like I need a reason to dress up... but it's so much more special on these few days. And it's perfectly acceptable to wear heels indoors. That is just like another gift itself! It's also ok to be merry. For no reason. With no hidden agenda. And nobody judges you for posting a few selfies a day on Instagram! Well, they probably still do but at least forgive you for doing so. For the last four days (minus first few hours of slight hungover this morning) I did not stop smiling. I'm clearly going to hit the point when Santa brings me collagen-based face creams rather soon! But I do not care.

Over the last few days the outer world didn't exist. There was no reality, no chores, no complaints and no grocery shopping. It was magic. Catching up with a few friends when the bird was in the oven, running on Christmas morning, warm rays of midday sun on my face today, the films I watched and the ones I got away from (it's still Christmas without Home Alone). It's been a bliss. I wish I could stay in this moment for a bit longer. Just linger in between the smell of mulled wine and freshly ground allspice. I don't even feel guilty about a few drunken texts. I've had the best explanation for it on this planet - Hey, it's Chritmas!

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