Sunday, 16 September 2012

Coffee- the fashion accessory

When did coffee begin to be fashion accessory? Somewhere in between going through the archive of Gary Pepper Vintage and sipping my own Mocha Frappuccino I realised that takeaway cups of a certain popular coffee empire are rather present in many blogs. They come out from the behind scenes and change their function from a life saving liquid to a great way to expose rings and other accessories. When did that happen? Watching Sex and the city from late 1990s I barely notice that Carrie shouts out to get her coffee during a photo shoot (the famous 'Fabulous? Question Mark?) and in the film form 2008 a whole 10 mins scene of searching for an assistant is happening in Starbucks! But then again, who doesn't enjoy a good cup in the cosy coffee shop or on the go? Especially if you have the new Vogue to flick through while you're sipping ;) Have a good Sunday everyone!

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