Saturday, 15 September 2012

Military Jacket and Leopard Print

Right then ladies and gentlemen... My first attempt on leopard print and military style this season. Both together actually. How brave am I? It was a struggle to get that jacket and if it wasn't for my friends who visited Barcelona with me last month I would've come back to the UK without it! It was love at first sight when I was the colourful sparkly bits on the flap of the pocket. I was actually more interested in camo, but being a woman, I've changed my mind rather swiftly! I pared it all up with jeans, which I do not wear very often but feel really comfortable in. It was fun to pop on Ozzy Osbourne style sunnies that I borrowed from PJ. They actually completed the look, well... at least in my opinion ;) What are you going the wear your military jacket with this autumn?

Pictures by PJ

top, jacket, jeans, shoes, bag - Zara
bracelets - Topshops
watch - Fossil
ozzy osbourne sunnies - H&M (PJ's)