Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Inspirations. Animal print.

Leopard print is so tricky! One can co so wrong with animal print... Clearly, there is a thin line between looking chic and looking like a cougar, if you know what i mean... I have to admit that I got my first ever animal print item this year so I'm still quite new with it. Nevertheless, I have admired it for quite some time now. Observing, remembering, trying it out in my head. The same questions over and over again: is red lipstick not too much with leopard print? Is it going to look tacky in the office? Can I pair it up with burgundy jeans? I believe every girl should have a piece of animal in her wardrobe. Be it shoes, top, full length dress or a simple scarf. I am looking for some new shoes in this style - should i go for ankle boots, wedges, slippers or heeled pumps...?

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