Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday morning cravings. New Balance sneakers.

Hmmm... I never thought I would consider wearing trainers outside my gym or when I'm not running in the park. But there it is ladies and gentlemen... The sneakers trend! I am talking here about the flat ones of course, not the Isabel Marant style hidden heel wedges kind of thing. The New Balance sneakers in particular stole my heart! I have been carefully observing their presence on many fashion blogs that I follow wholeheartedly. They appear in different colours and there is two particular looks that I think they go best with - minimalistic and streetchic. Fash'n'chips, modedamour and lightningfacory just rock the minimalistic look with NB trainers - dark colours, simple cuts and the unexpected trainer shoe! Paniekscelencja and patiness take it to a different level with their usual streetwear pieces - longer t-shirts and statement pants or shorts. I would opt for the minimalistic option and even try this look out at work. Why not? I'm going to try and get hold of some burgundy ones, like in the first picture. What colour would you go for?

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