Sunday, 23 December 2012

The power of mid heel.

Looks like another season will be marked by a mid-heel. Is it just a sign of designers’ tired feet? Is Tamara Mellon fed up with wearing ridiculously high Jimmy Choos and woke up one day in her New York penthouse only to realise that there’s nothing wrong with a lower heel? If that is the case – thank you Ms Mellon! Thank you designers for making shoes that make us o more than a couple of inches taller and allow us to wear heels at work all day.

I did go through a phase of wearing 4inch high shoes that, at the time, I’ve found to be on the comfortable side. As a quite tall person I was even taller and could easily see which shop assistant was serving the beginning of the queue quicker. However, since last summer I have been in camp mid-heel. Why? In lower heels one can move quicker in order to grab that last smoked salmon sandwich at lunchtime in M&S. One can also walk a longer distance than car park-main door. Also, I stopped receiving comments like ‘could you be any taller?’ in a Chandler Bing voice. So, ladies, don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared of the mid heel. It’s still glamorous. It still makes a statement. It still is making your hips swing softly as you walk. Believe in a mid heel and it will believe in you. 

sources: whowhatwear, themanrepeller, harper's bazaar uk

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