Friday, 19 April 2013

New in. The sweatdress & other stories.

How's your Friday going so far? I just got my re-useable cup from Starbucks that gives you 25p off your drink if you have it with you! That idea was introduced in the States quite a while ago and I'm soooo glad if finally made its way to the lovely island we live on. So if you're a Starbucks addict as well get your in your local coffee shop for just £1! Apart from that I wanted to share my latest purchases with you today. As I was just strolling through town earlier this week, I casually popped in to Topshop for some fashion chat and got talked into buying a sweatdress! I cannot wait to show it to you as well as wear it in general! It's one of those things that you can dress up with some heels and jewellery or dress down with a pair of white Converse and a denim jacket.

I have to say that sweatshirts of all kind kind of came out of the casual category and made their way up the style ladder. They aren't just something that you only wear around the house any more. They evaluated and it's now ok to style them with smart pieces of clothing like trousers and heels as well as statement necklaces and um-teen bracelets next to your shiny Michael Kors.

To add some colour to my life I went for a Sarah-Jessica-Parker-NYC-inspired pink and red lunch clutch. I am taking on all the new creations, am I not? First, this is a colour combination that I cannot possibly get out of my head. Second, the very concept of lunch clutches is just starting. I'm not sure what it's going to evolve into but I like it so far. It all started with the Jil Sander's one that actually looked like a brown paper lunch bag. Do not confuse is with an actual one! Lunch is the last item you want to carry in one of those! It's so last year to eat in general, isn't it? Stuff it with make up, coconut water, smartphones and unneeded receipts and voila! You're a fashionista!

Ok, just one more trend to go and we're done. The golden chain necklace. I've been looking for a perfect one of those for quite a while. How silly of me to not pop into H&M earlier? They are fantastic for trendy, cheap and cheerful pieces. £8 and it's all yours! It's the perfect colour, length and shape. Couldn't be happier about this one. Will I wear all these items together? Hmmm.... Maybe? Happy weekend everyone!

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