Friday, 26 April 2013

New in. White brogues.

After weeks (ok, hours, maybe minutes) of searching I've found them. The perfect white brogues. The ones that go with everything. The ones that you can dress up or dress down. They are both casual and smart. How many shoes are like that? We tend to wear either heels (smart) or trainers (casual/new smart). And brogues sit kind of in between. They also have another extremely important purpose to fulfil in this world. They are the emergency shoes.

What are emergency shoes? First of all, shoes that go with anything. Second, shoes that do not give you blisters. Third, shoes that are flat but smart. A great rescue for tired, sore, full of blisters feet. Feet that need a pedi or feet that do not fancy being trapped in strappy sandals for 8 hours. Dear white brogues, welcome to my wardrobe! I'm looking forward to all the good times we're going to have together!

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