Sunday, 21 April 2013

Casual gangsta.

The trees are almost in full bloom where I live. I've seen other bloggers posting beautiful ones lately but our cherry trees seem to be a bit slow this year... Nonetheless, I took my block heel sandals for a walk for the first time today! I made sure that my toe nails matched them as well... Although I'm considering spoiling them to some colour just to break the nude. All neutrals today, classic camel coat, simplest white t-shirt ever and my new golden chain necklace. Could it look any more gangsta? lol.

Today I'm going to see the latest Ryan Gosling (and Bradley Cooper) film - The place beyond the pines. Lots of expectations, hopes and dreams to come true. That's how I'm feeling ante-picture. What is going to ahppen between me and the screen (and tens of other people)? You'll soon find out. In the past Derek Cianfrance made me cry my eyes out when I watched Blue Valentine. Something tells me that it is about to happen at approximately 6pm... I'll let you know how it went soon! Enjoy your Sunday guys!

Photos by PJ

coat, necklace - H&M
denim, sandals - Zara
t-shirt - Oysho
watch - Casio
sunglasses - Ray Ban

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