Monday, 22 April 2013

Instaweek #10

camale rules! / my courier loves putting a smile on my face

say hello to my brand new niece Anna / tomato couscous? mmm... 

sweatshirts and skirts rule / adding some colour and bling to my warrobe 

white brogues? / got my hi-vis on and I'm feelin hella cool tonight yeah

a late night run / on repeat in my ears

more home hairdressing / light denim and shades kind of day

who doesn't love the fruit salad pot? / in love with that little denim dress 

sweatdress? why not! / can I wear that crop top at the gym? 

business card factory /  all black with a hint or coral

neon and stripes / yes, I'm a bloke coke addict 

@hattbox works wonders with my hair / in black and white

congrats to my housemate Jo! / preparing a haircare post

prosciutto ham and olives mmm... / morning run by the marina

that Friday morning feeling / light denim and black ootd 

greek salad! / and pesto and olives toast to go with it

peanut butter Ben and Jerry's and Ryan Gosling at the same time? heaven / food and friends 

I should actually call this post InstaFortnight. Now that I look at all these photos I came to the conclusion that I must be pretty active on the good old Instagram... To sum up the last two extremely eventful weeks I would like to welcome my brand new little niece to this world. Her name is Anna and today she is 13 days old. Second, I would like to welcome a new driver to the windy roads - my housemate Jo. Congratulations! I also managed to do some good shopping, eat good food, run nearly 80km and see a good film. But I'm ever so excited about the week to come! If you follow me on Instagram you can expect some pics from Vogue Festival, Once Musical and Berlin #goodtimesaretocome

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