Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A sweatdress story.

Photos by PJ

I seriously cannot stop wearing my bling'a'ling golden chain necklace! Soooo glad I've found it. I also caught myself going for more casual clothes lately. Is it because I'm mentally preparing for holiday mode? Maybe it's because, as I mentioned before, what used to be casual doesn't necessarily have to be so nowadays. As Jess Cartner-Morley (yes, the fashion editor of The Guardian) guides us through the fashion jungle every Saturday, I do watch her videos and listen to what she has to say. She pointed out that the status of a sweatshirt has changed. It is not just casual anymore. You can watch it here. I think that all sports related items are creeping in slowly... Look at the New Balance sneakers revolution! They are worn with suits and party dresses. Who would've thought... Hence, I feel great in a sweatshirt-like dress and a pair of heels. Comfort is probably the last criterium as far my choosing an outfit is concerned by me. But does it feel great to be comfortable in clothes or what?

dress - Topshop
heels, bag - Zara

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