Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My bike and I.

I know that I've been rambling on and on about getting my own bike but you have to realise that it wasn't so simple. It wasn't a matter of swiping a credit card through a magic machine and putting it in your boot. This bike has gone a long way from looking sad and miserable to looking happy and pretty. For the last two months Alicja has been loosing sleep over making it the best bike on the planet and, I can say with great confidence, she made it! It cost her a lot of thought, patience, blood and sweat (literally) so I couldn't be more greateful. It is the best birthday present ever! I hope you guys like it as well. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't merciful lately so we had to do a little photoshoot in our friends' shop. Thanks people of Landschaft for letting us move your furniture around!

Happy birthday to me! No I wish for sunshine to get on with riding that little beast. Everyone, meet Velo. Velo, this is everyone! Tonight we're jumping on a plane and getting back to the UK.

Photos by Alicja

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