Sunday, 23 June 2013

Double neon.

Trainers obsession continues. So does shorts obsession. That was a good day so I popped on the brightest colours you can find in my wardrobe. Why not! I hope you like that combination... I also tested out my new trainers. My feet are very happy about that trend, especially now that my left ankle has been poorly for the last two months... Not great when you're meant to be running a half-marathon in September, eh? But never mind, there will always be another one to run.

I am currently in Warsaw enjoying my time off with my lovely family. It's great to be close to my parent and my brother, his wife and children. they all are a great bunch of people and it's a shame that we do not see each other more often! I'm off to see Alicja tomorrow. I am very excited as she has a huge suprise for me. I am going to meet a new two-wheeled friend. Cannot wait! Have a good week everyone!

Photos by PJ
top - Zara
shorts - H&M
trainers - Nike

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