Thursday, 13 June 2013

Copy her!

I have to admit that I love my Casio watches a lot. Maybe not that much that I would say 'copy me' to anyone, but they are rather cool. There's another example of how bloggers set the trends despite not owning big brands and simply writing about what they like. I bet Casio is pretty happy about all the attention. The same story happened with New Balance sneakers and, by shortage of the product on the market, I guess the company wasn't able to deal with such a huge demand. Hence, Nike, Adidas and other sneakers pioneers managed to get a chunk of the sales into their pockets. How funny?

Isn't it also funny that Chanel started designing sneakers now? They just happened to do so a few months after Fash'n'Chips was already rocking her effortless sneaker and suit combo. If 5 years ago anyone asked me whether my personal purchase is going to influence any market I would life in their faces. But here we are. In the era where bloggers set the trends, not just follow them. Big brands owe them a lot. And still don't take them seriously most of the time. High street got it. I think it's time for designers to face that fact as well. What do you think? In what direction will it go?

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