Saturday, 29 June 2013

New in. Sales.

Whoop whoop the sales are on! This year I wanted to be wiser and wait for further reductions but as I saw stocks melt I figured out that there's no time to be wise at all! Better impatient than sorry - as I say. Even though my lack of patience (inherited, I think) usually gets me into trouble, this time it worked for my benefit. I managed to grab a few pretty cute tops off the hangers. 

Black and white are my all time favourites. I went for a 'casual' sweatshirt with a twist and a simple, minimalistic white top with sheer 'sleeves'. Two completely different pieces but I'm rather excited about wearing them both!

This off-white lace top has been on my mind since Easter. Too good to resist. I started panicking when it disappeared from the website, but luckily found it in my local Zara. Cannot wait to pair it up with some light blue jeans. Also, to break free from the blacks and whites, I chose a green scarf print shirt. Now that is a piece I never thought I would go for! It peeked at me when I was queueing. Right time, right place mr scarf print shirt!

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