Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mysterious garden.

Happy Sunday! What are you up to on the best day of the week? Maybe you're out shopping? Maybe you're feeling a bit fragile from last night...? Whatever you're up to make sure that you enjoy the last few hours of the weekend. Mine one has been better than I expected so far! Now it's time to do a few chores and I'll be ready for Monday morning. Does anyone else like Monday mornings? You probably think that I must be mad...

Today I came across this mysterious garden hidden away in a place I would never expect it to be. I am wearing black waxed jeans from Topshop and a coat, top and slippers from Zara. Simple, monochrome look. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon walk.

Photos by PJ

jeans- Topshop
coat, slippers, top, bag - Zara
necklace - H&M
watch - Casio

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