Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Borough market. Food inspiration.

Afternoon all! Today I wanted to share with you another kind of inspiration. Apart from working, watching fashion and reading magazines I love spending time in markets. The combination of colours and fusion of tastes from different parts of the world just make me feel good. If you live close by to London Borough Market, I suggest you pop in there for lunch or on the weekend just to see what they've got to offer. And there's lots! It's a great way to hang out with friends, catch up on gossip and, most importantly, eat. Every time I go abroad I go for food that is sold in the streets. It's usually fresh, cheap and made to order. The longer the queue and the more local people in it the better! I hope that will inspire you to get out there and ditch take-away pizzas for some real taste.

oh the hat! 

love his look! 

 they looked like little clouds...


 I also have a pretzel obsession

jams, jams, jams. my favourite is strawberries and champagne 

 if only I could get bread like that in the morning...

 cool moustache, monsieur 

 owl detail on my shirt

Christmas came early - a turkey baguette 

 food glorious food

my favourite mushrooms - porcini mmm... 

 sit back, eat and relax. any curb or door step is good for that!

they just make you wan to design your own dress 

there's something to join my dogtooth collection 

oh... just look at them... yummy 

the longest queue I've ever seen was to the veggie place

Pictures by me

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