Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Inspiration. White heels.

Evening all! I kept on going on about the great weather and I guess I jinxed it... Rainy days are here, ladies and gentlemen. But there's a good side to it as well. I managed to catch up on my reading before new issues of Vogue and the rest are delivered to my door. I came across photos of white shoes and I fell in love with them! I actually tried to buy a pair of white stilettos from Zara last summer but they didn't really fit... Maybe that was a sign that I wasn't ready. As the journalist in Vogue points out, white shoes are associated with summertime. Why? They look so much better in autumn! One can wear them for a bit of a twist. Who said that during the gloomy months we cannot look chic and glamorous? White heels look fantastic with tailored black, white, grey and blue items. Why not pop them on with a pair of jeans? The thing with them is, they really go with anything. Just like a good white shirt. Just make sure that they are always clean and well-maintained. Nothing looks worse than a well dressed woman in heels that need a good clean or heels replacement. Remember - detail is the key to elegance!

Pictures by me


  1. I'm absolutely in love with white sandals and pumps as well! I don't really have the issue of having to determine if to wear them for fall or summer - In LA where I live it's always summer ;) I love how you're catching the British winter in your pictures! I'm sure you'll rock some white heels with a winter outfit soon! XO, Kat

    1. You just made me realise how different it is to have just one season all year round! It's not that simple in Europe... But at least we get to wear wonderful winter coats haha. Always look at the bright side, eh? I'll be looking out for some white heels on your blog as well! You never know... xxx, Eva