Sunday, 28 October 2012

Black and white 80's blazer.

Happy Sunday everyone! I haven't had a chance to introduce you to my favourite blazer ever. It's black and white - very 80's. I love it for the cut, for the fact that it has no buttons and for the off-white colour. If I struggle to find something really smart in my wardrobe, I go for it with no doubt that I will look inappropriate. To break the monochrome I popped on burgundy boots that I got recently from H&M. Despite quite a high heel, they are rather comfortable. I can wear them at work all day and my feet don't complain. This a look that you won't go wrong with at the office or just replace the simple t-shirt with something sparkly and you're ready for a dinner date! I'm off to explore a fair in my town. Hopefully, I'll spot something worth sharing with you tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!

Pictures by PJ

jacket - River Island
jeans, boots, tshirt - H&M
watch - Michael Kors
necklace - Landshaft

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