Friday, 5 October 2012

Dogtooth in black and white

Is it just me or does dogtooth in black and white automatically brings Paris to one's mind? I have not visited it yet even though I live pretty close...  Nevertheless long plain coats and dogtooth pattern makes me feel as if I was there. Just need a croissant and a latte to make it complete! Today I went for classics- a 60's dress, long black coat with military buttons and classic heeled black pumps- a leather and suede mixture for a bit of a twist. Autumn is great for wearing dresses and skirts so I hope there will be more of those in my wardrobe soon! Have you ever been to Paris? What unusual would you recommend seeing that isn't mentioned in the books? 

Pictures by PJ

Dress- H&M
Coat- Mango
Shoes- Stardivarius
Bag- River Island
Watch- Michael Kors

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