Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Inspiration. hats hats hats. what to get?

As the first hat made it's presence on my blog I've decided to focus on that topic a bit more. Autumn and winter are great seasons to wear them as well! Not just to keep us warm, clearly. Hats make statements, put the cherry on top of every outfit. They draw attention and, as far as my experience is concerned, make people smile. 'Look at the girl in the hat'- don't you just say that when you see an interesting outfit with a hat? Of course there are different types, shapes, colours, purposes and preferences. I would like to share my favourite hat-including looks and the best buys from high-street this season. So think about what hat would suit you and go for it! Need some help? I'm happy to receive your questions!

First, the hats hats

Second, the chic baseball cap

Finally, the woolly hat and beanie

all images stolen form the Internet: Zanita, Morven, Paniekscelencja, StyleScrapbook and others that I don't know

Where to get a good hat this season? This is what I like:

Urban Outfitters












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