Thursday, 25 October 2012

It's an eBay idea! A guide to selling clothes.

What do you do with all the clothes you don't wear? I am not being horrible to my wardrobe members, but sometimes it's just time for them to go and find another home. Sometimes they get too big, too bright, too glittery, too sheer, too dark etc. They just stop making it out of the wardrobe that often. There's also the issue of limited space in my bedroom... Shoes seem to be overtaking all the free space in my house, but clothes are always staying in the bedroom.
Right, to the point. When I realise that there's about 10 items I'm not very likely to wear again any time soon I put them on eBay. Easier said than done, I guess. A lot of my friends say that they struggle with doing it or don't get the deal they were hoping for. And that is exactly why I wanted to share some eBay selling tips with you!

1. Take good pictures. You don't have to have a great camera or be a professional photographer. Just remember to take good, well exposed photos of your clothes. Take one of the front, one of the back and one of the detail (pattern up close, pockets, buttons, frills, anything that might not be visible in the big picture). Make sure that you fit the whole item in the picture as well. Nothing worse than photos showing only one sleeve or just the bottom of the trousers.

2. Clean and iron the clothes. They have to look attractive! It's obvious that they have to be clean, right? Well, you would be surprised how many times I received my eBay purchases covered in cat's fur or smelling of cigarettes... You can imagine how happy I was! Also, if the item is nice and irn in the picture, there's more chance you're going to get a good deal!

3. Describe promptly. Don't say just 'A Topshop skirt for sale, size 8, good condition'. That doesn't look attractive to potential buyers as all. They can see that in the auction title! Be more specific. Tell them how you got that item, why you want to sell it, what the condition really is like.  Remember - always be honest about any defects! They are going to be discovered!

4. Be creative. I always put a couple of sentences saying what one can wear the item I'm trying to sell with. Something like 'This dress looks great with a pair of killer heels to wear to a night out with the girls or with simple flats and a hat for a sunday brunch in you local pub garden'. Let the buyer picture themselves in this dress. That might help them make the decision...

5. If you haven't worn something for a year, sell it. That's a very simple rule I tend to follow. Don't hold on to clothes you 'might wear one day'. If you don't feel comfortable in those flared trousers get rid of them. With the money you get you can always purchase another pair os skinny jeans! Yes, trends do tend to come back but let's face it... It can take years!

6. Start with a low price and don't be greedy. Low price attracts more people - simple. You have to bear in mind that some items might go for more than you paid for them (oh yes, it does happen!), some you might sell for half of the price you paid and some might go for £0.99. Don't stress about it too much. The main thing is - they're gone! You have more space in your wardrobe and, let's face it, a couple of quid for something you haven't worn for ages is still better than nothing.

7. Sell a few items at a time with no insertion fees. Put a few items to the side and when eBay does the no insertion fees weekend put them on. It normally happens every two weeks. It's not a huge amount of money that you're going to save, but always something. Anyway, selling one item at a time can seem pointless. If you sold 10, you'll go the post office to post them together and get a lump of money into your account. It always feels better than just a few pounds at a time!

8. Perfect timing. Think about the right timing to start your auctions - that is going to be the time they're going to end. How likely are your potential buyers to bid at 3am or 2pm? Exactly. Think about a time when most people aren't busy working or simply sleeping. Think of a good day as well. How often do you stay in on a Saturday night? Exactly. Make sure your watchers are sitting back and relaxing, ready to fight for what you have to sell.

9. Think like a buyer. Proof read your descriptions. Think about questions your buyers might ask you and answer them beforehand. Look at the pictures, details, and the title of your auction. Maybe ask your housemate of a friend to have a look at it for you? Be a perfectionist! It will pay you back.

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