Monday, 29 October 2012

New in. Winter ready.

Don't you just love these days when you get an e-mail saying that your parcel is going to be delivered to you? They put me in such a good mood! I can't sit still and keep on doing all sorts of cleaning and tidying just to keep myself occupied! And there it is. The glorious sound of the doorbell. I usually end up rushing downstairs with half of the make up done or missing one shoe. Nothing matters in that moment. It is crucial to get to the door in time before the courier thinks you're not in and instead of leaving your longed for items provides you with a little paper card saying 'I'm sorry I missed you'. It can be a life threatening moment but if you miss that usually bored person on the other side of the door, you have to make a trip to the depot (surprisingly, they always seem to be located right at the other end of town, don't they?) or arrange a re-delivery and go through all the drama once again. Well, I'm lucky to have fantastic friends who were known to stay in all dat just to sing for my parcel.

Today, I signed for my new items myself. What was in the box? I have been loosing sleep over the grey coat from Zara... I fell in love with it, but it was sold out on-line. They had none in the shop where I live. In London I found only one but it was size XL. I could basically make two coats out of that! Finally, they appeared on-line again so I ordered one with not a shadow of a doubt and a huge smile on my face. These boots have also been on my mind for quite a while as well. Finally, we have been re-united. And it seems that I am addicted to H&M jeans... This time I went for teal/emerald. I'm not sure which colour it is... I'm sure you'll be able to see my new wardrobe members in my outfit posts very soon! Happy Monday everyone!

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