Saturday, 20 October 2012

Embellished jumper and a peplum skirt.

Happy Saturday! There's another post including my new wardrobe members. This time I paired up a peplum skirt (peplum obsession part 2) with a grey jumper. I have been looking for a perfect one of those for quite a while! I even looked at my male friends to see whether any of them had one that I could put my hands on and keep forever. Zara came to the rescue and made a fantastic grey jumper with embellishment on the sleeves. Great! The little crystals make a noise when I move about so it's not a great outfit to wear if you want to spy on someone haha. Autumn also means that I have to dig up all 50,000 pairs of black tights that I've put away for the summer. As you can see in the pictures, PJ and I had a lot of fun taking them so I would like to thank him for making it possible to run this blog. You're the best photographer ever- patient, engaged, understanding and just brilliant! Glasses up to PJ tonight!
P.S. I am off to see The Little Black Jacket by Karl Lagerfeld exhibition today so look out for a report. Hopefully, tomorrow!

Pictures by PJ

jumper, skirt, shoes - Zara
clutch - ALQ
sunnies - Ray Ban
watch - Michael Kors

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