Friday, 19 October 2012

Inspiration. Vintage fair.

Afternoon lovely people! It's Friday and I wanted to share with you some photos from a vintage fair I went to last weekend. I do tend to appreciate vintage clothes on others more than on myself but who can resist little stacks of nicknacks? Apart from Levi's and Adidas vintage shorts, lots of jumpers, 80's ski hats and frivolous sunglasses I came across thousands of sweet little brooches and earrings (I so wish my ears were pierced sometimes!). All that worn-out, matt jewellery is just melting my heart. I tend to imagine that there are great stories behind every single piece (not very often the case, to my disappointment). There was also a lady offering vintage hair-dos and make-up. I was tempted but the queue discouraged me a little. Instead, I flicked through the books with vintage looks that she had as inspiration. It all looks like hard work to do every morning! No wonder women in suburban American houses in the 60s didn't work! My attention was also drawn by collar tips (a great way to style up a simple white shirt), colourful Casio watches and a suitcase full of random and very old pictures. They were the kind of pictures your granny keeps in a secret photo album in her night stand. It was a great opportunity for vintage lovers to meet, chat and shop unique pieces. Inspiring as well!

Pics by me

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