Saturday, 13 October 2012

Inspiration. Embellished collars!

I fell in love with embellished collars! It's all Zara's fault. I couldn't stop buying their shirts! But if for some reason you do not own a shirt with a pretty collar, not to worry. You can buy them separately. To be worn with:
- simple shirts for a bit of a twist
- patterned shirts for a bit of sophistication
- jumpers for a bit of casual glam
- dresses for a bit of glamour
- denim shirts for a bit of statement
- anything you like really for a bit of personal style
Below, I present some of the ways to wear them and later, where to get some this season on the high street. Try it out in a shop or at home. You can always return it and if you happen to like it - congrats!

this one is my favourite! Who doesn't like oversized?

Where to get some?

Topshop - great for collar tips and sells my favourite - Leopard print collar. Great for girls that are just trying this pattern out!





Zara - just two collars but both stunning and in the most practical colours. Great for a dinner party and upcoming Christmas dos.


Asos - also great for collar tips and a classic pearl collar. Great to wear with 60's dresses as well as grey boyfriend jumpers!




Urban Outfitters - as always, for a bit of a twist. whether you want to go gold or vintage. 



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