Saturday, 16 March 2013

A white t-shirt.

Standing in front of your wardrobe for 15 mins? Don't know what to put on? My dad used to say that if I can't make my mind up it means that I have too much choice. Now he probably has more clothes than me so I guess he ditched that rule. But there's a simple solution to the morning dilemma. A white t-shirt. It has to have a print and it has to be good quality. As simple as that. Pop a white t-shirt and a black jacket on. The rest doesn't matter. It looks good with a skirt, jeans or smart trousers. Heels and voila! You're ready to conquer the world! 

Today I am wearing a t-shirt that was a gift from a little shop in Italy and they are offering a discount to you, my dear readers, if you decide to get one s well and want to save yourselves €5! Just click on this link and enter BLOGGERS4LPT at check out! 

Photos by PJ

jacket, shoes - Zara
trousers - H&M

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