Friday, 29 March 2013

Lady Be

Not many people get to mess around with Terry Richardson's glasses...

I am not a great fan of pop music. I sing along to songs on the radio, but do not play them on you tube at my own convenience. If you were in last night you might have popped BBC1 on at 10:35pm to watch a documentary about Beyonce, made by Beyonce, produced by Beyonce, filmed mostly by Beyonce and acted out by Beyonce. Too much Beyonce? I don't think you can ever get too much of her, as it turns out.

The best ever photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar UK

I believe her. I totally bought that story! I might be a fool, but I really believe that she is actually speaking from her heart. It looks like she writes songs that she actually believes in! OMG how awkward. How rare! After hearing Akon's 'I'm trying to find words to describe this girl without being disrespectful, d*mn, you sexy b*tch' I lost all faith in American pop scene. B brings it back.

No make up in the Gentlewoman

She always gives a 110%. Something tells me that just 100% is never enough for B. The way she acts of stage - she acts her songs out. She's not just a singer. She's a performer. She's an artist. Beyonce is all singing, all dancing happy person. She's just soooo happy that you cannot stay miserable looking at her.  She's got all that perfect big hair, super husband, beautiful body that would make anyone green with envy. But she doesn't. Instead, she makes people around her feel warm deep inside. 'Life is but a dream' she says before she jumps off the boat on her holiday. Her life clearly seems like a dream come true. She made it happen. And she does put 'Love on top'.

images via GQ, Harper's Bazaar, The Gentlewoman, H&M

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