Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Inspiration. The cobalt suit.

Ever since I saw this photo somewhere in the vast space called the Internet I couldn't get the idea of a matching cobalt suit out of my mind. I became obsessed with finding out who was wearing it and what the whole look was like! Combining bold cobalt and crisp white seemed just so perfect, fresh and... right. I didn't take long to find out who styled themselves beautifully in that royal shade of blue - it was Miroslava Duma herself (below). It obviously comes as no surprise as this lady is probably the most stylish one on planet Earth (sorry Anna Dello Russo, Mira wins). What is so great about this suit? It's hard to decide whether it is the wide leg, the perfect long jacket, the rolled-up sleeves or the double flaps on the pockets. It seems to be a combination of all these factors and the simple white buttoned-up shirt. Or is it the hair? The not-so-perfect Ukrainian plait... Oh Miroslava, could you be any more effortless? Why not try to give it a go? I've found a lovely jacquard cobalt suit in Topshop (see the bottom of this post for a link) for a reasonable price of £95. Try wearing it with white, orange, pink, nudes or... nothing underneath. If you dare that is!

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