Friday, 15 March 2013

On eyeliner.

As you might have noticed, I'm not really bothered by make up. But there's three items I cannot possibly go without. Wanna guess? Yes, it's eyebrow pencil. Yes, you're right - it's blusher. Well done, the third one is eyeliner. Before I got a bit lazy, I used to wear it everyday. It makes me feel good. As simple as that! A lot of you will probably say that it is too much hassle to apply it. True, but only at the beginning. It's kind of like riding a bike... once you master it, you'll have the perfect flick transforming your face completely at a single stroke of a brush. 

The colour. Unless you're Rihanna go for black. I mean B L A C K black. Nothing else. Don't try to look like a parrot hanging out on a pirate's arm shouting 'Polly wants a biscuit'. If you're going for the cat eye leave the colour for the lip. 

The shape. Any. Really, any. Whether you prefer it thinner or thicker, shorter or longer, it's all cool. Just abstain from 'correcting' the shape by making the line thicker. You might end up with an Amy Winehouse look. Not a good look if you're not Amy Winehouse. And we all know you're not her so stick to a reasonable amount of eye-liner on your eyelids. 

Which one is the best? As I have already mentioned here, the best of the best as far as eyeliner is concerned is Guerlain. After you've used it for the first time you're going to ask yourself the inevitable question: What have I been doing for X years of my life? It is that good. Even though it's pricy, I've had mine for over a year now and it's still as fresh as when I bought it with still a third of the bottle full. 

I struggle with pencils - they smudge and I end up looking like a panda. With eyeliner it's different. A good one stays put and adds glamour to any look. And it's like a white shirt - goes with absolutely anything. 

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