Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's nudity time!

Since women are mean to be contradicting themselves all the time, I guess as representative of such species I have to stand up to the expectations and confess something. As a vibrant lip colour lover I have fallen in love with nude. It all started when Hedvig of The Northern Light posted a photo of a nude YSL nail varnish. That was it. I was taken by the lack of its colour and couldn't get the idea off my mind. Mesmerised, I dashed to the House of Fraser to purchase that little bottle of pure happiness only to find out that it wouldn't be released for a couple of weeks!!! The shop assistant got provided with a very mean face from me and I walked away proudly thinking 'I'm sure I'll find another nail varnish that I like sooner'. But I didn't. I waited and got it straight on the first day of March. That's how strong my crush on nude nails was.

Phase two. The nude lips. And I don't mean Kim Kardashian nude. I mean Rosie Huntington-Whitley for M&S Lingerie nude. If you open any fashion magazine, be it Vogue, Elle or anything else, you'll see the new beauty range from Tom Ford. All nude! Nails, lips, perfect skin. It looks delicious. I cannot possible get it out of my head. Dear Mr Ford, how come your lipstick is £36? I'm struggling with my conscious thinking that I don't actually need it. You can do nude lips with foundation that you already have, can't you? Well, I'm not buying it. I'm buying the Tom Ford Nude Heaven in form of a lipstick. Full stop. Right after I get paid, of course ;)

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