Monday, 11 March 2013

New in. Monochrome luxe sweatshirts.

Do you ever surprise yourself? I mean, when it comes to buying clothes, do you ever feel that something you're buying isn't really what you would normally go for but a little angel (or devil, shall I say) is whispering 'go on, treat yourself, you know you want it' straight to your ear? Well, apart form being tempted by clothes a lot in general, I seem to have started following a new road. Will it be bumpy? Will it be smooth? We shall soon find out.

I have developed a sweatshirt addiction. And by sweatshirt I don't mean my grey I heart NY sweat which probably isn't the best quality and was purchased from a dodgy looking bloke somewhere in lower Manhattan. I mean the luxe sweatshirt, as they are called. The ones made of materials, you would never expect a sweatshirt to be made of. The ones that have a statement print. The ones that generally don't look casual enough to wear them with jeans. The ones that you want to wear with smart trousers and heels.

Whose false is it? I'm sure we all remember Miroslava Duma captured last September in New York during the fashion week wearing the green Kenzo sweatshirt. For me, that was a kick-start. Later, the scuba sweatshirt came around, then leather kind of took place of cotton and that's how I came to buy a white leather sweat last Sunday. Voila!

photos by me
both sweatshirts by W&B Collection at Zara

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