Friday, 8 March 2013

It's a brow thing.

Eye brows have made a come back recently. I mean, when I was a teenager I barely noticed their existence. There were girls who had big brows, thin brows, monobrows or hardly any brows in a weird shape. Those were the times when anyone could get away with bad eyebrows. Good old times, eh? Not the case any more, girls, so get to it before it's too late!

Thin eyebrows are pesrona non grata nowadays. Forget about two squareish thin lines that are barely visible and, God forbid, lighter than your actual hair! Unless you're Tilda Swinton, you mustn't, I repeat, MUSTN"T trim your eyebrows too much. The thicker the better. Don't worry if your eyebrows look like two fat caterpillars looking for a head of lettuce. Just make sure they are nicely shaped. They are meant to be looking as if they were taken care of effortlessly.

Now imagine the horror of my housemate J. when she got back form a Superdrug brow bar. Her and I started growing our eyebrows sometime last year (she is way more successful than me but I blame my OCD combined with tweezers) and believe me - if you saw just a photo of her eyebrows and Cara Delevingne's ones you would struggle to tell the difference. That's how good, thick and perfectly shaped they were. She just casually strolled down past the brow bar to make sure they were still nicely shaped and the lovely lady holding the thread professionally in her mouth just turned out to not be a great listener. 'Just a trim, please, I want to keep them thick and all' J. says. A few minutes later, not suspecting a thing she comes home, looks analytically in the mirror and notices that there's something wrong about her face. Something is just... different. Mortified, she realises it's the brows. Nearly half of their thickness was gone! She started looking at recent photos and realised that the way back to nice and thick brows will b a long one... So please, dear threading ladies, listen to us. There's noting wrong with fat, furry, statement eyebrows. If you don't like it blame Cara Delevingne. It's all her fault.

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