Friday, 10 May 2013

All black with a splash of coral.

Brrr can someone switch the sun back on? Please?

I do not do all black a lot. It brings rather sad associations I guess. But all black with a splash or coral? Why not! I've mixed leather, waxed jeans, lace and a simple cotton blazer together on this occasion. I guess when going for the same colour in an outfit it is sometimes good to mix and match different textures. Unless you're Rosie Huntington-Whitley and you look good in black denim and the simpliest black t-shirt ever...

Friday? It that you? I was hoping this weekend will be as nice as the last one but I guess we'll have to wait with topping up on our back-garden-like tan lines. Have you got any plans? I've had a busy couple of days at work so I'm looking forward to catching up on Vogue and Elle. Enjoy your weekend guys!

Photos by PJ

jeans - Topshop
the rest - Zara

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