Thursday, 16 May 2013

Leather shorts and a white coat.

Today is a good day. It started with sunshine and a smile on my face. It was great to stay in bed till 10 am! It doesn't happen very often in my world so I appreciate it twice as much. My good day really started last night with football, a good film and Ben&Jerry's Karamel Sutra ice cream. How do they come up with the names for their flavours? Who cares anyway. The main thing is that they are delicious!

I cannot take my white coat off. Today I paired it up with a pair of leather shorts, nude top and sandals. Can it be that warm everyday, please? What do you think about wearing shorts and long coats? I think it balances everything out in a weird way...

Now that I finished my brunch I can get on with this sunny Thursday. Time to do some actual work and maybe pop down to the gym later on. I hope you have a good one as well!

Photos by PJ

all - Zara
watch - Michael Kors
sunglasses - Ray Ban

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