Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Instaweek #13

floral print trousers and a pink blazer / lunchtime shopping! 

Still in love with Ozzy Osbourne / Seriosuly? 6.5 degrees?

dribbling all over Bradley Coooper with my bestest housemate J. / nacho night with R. 

happy trainers / oh I don't mind if I do

burger o'clock on a Sunday / cannot wait to do so!

magazine heaven in Soho / Bank Holiday shopping in London

mushroom and spinach omelette for brunch with I. / a bit of art is shorts at Tate Modern

should've stayed in bed on that rainy morning... / scary shit!

Another week is gone. They do tend to fly by. It was a good week with an even better weekend! Who doesn't love Bank Holidays? Even though it's been cold I managed to see the Hangover 3 (Bradley Cooper you are out of this world), enjoy a lovely shopping trip with my bestest housemate ever and have a great BH Monday with lovely I. Again, good food, great company and some good buys. Hopefully, I'll be able to show you what new items appeared in my wardrobe in tomorrow's post so stay tuned! Happy Wedesday everyone!

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